12/17/22 Introduction to Rifles


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This one-day course primarily covers the AR-15 platform, as it is the most popular rifle in America and the rifle that many new owners purchase. Our goal is to grow proficiency with your new rifle, as well as help you zero and maintain your rifle. New and experienced shooters alike will find useful and applicable information throughout this course! We will spend about the day on the range working on fundamental marksmanship in the various shooting positions; standing, sitting, kneeling, and prone. This course will cover concepts that apply to many other carbines, and our instructors can apply the concepts to whichever semi-automatic rifle you have (Ruger 10-22, AK, M1 Carbine, etc.).

Students will need the following:

  • Rifle & at least 2 Magazines
  • 100 rds (FMJ preferred)
  • Eye and ear protection
  • Close-toed shoes
  • Any other range gear you usually prefer! (magazine loaders, kneepads, etc., not required)

If you do not have a rifle or ammunition, please contact us at info@apexdefensivestrategies.com and we are happy to provide one for use in the course. Let us know if you have any questions!

Location: Prado 1230PM-4PM


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